Transfiguration: Garance Hubert-Samson and Lucie Roux - C-Type Prints (OE)

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I did a photo-shoot with a bunch of students from French circus school CNAC who were here as part of an exchange. At the end of the shoot I asked them if they want to take part in a new project called Transfiguration, where they’ll be posing naked with body paint.
They all declined.
Two of them approached me, it was Garance Hubert-Samson & Lucie Roux. They told me they can’t pose together because they both ‘base’. Base is the person on the floor who supports the ‘flyer’, the acrobat who’s doing the handstands / crazy shit... it’s like two yins without the yang. They also said they REALLY don’t feel comfortable posing naked. There was a moment of silence and then they said: “So that’s why we really want to try it.”

A year later when I exhibited the project in London, a Lithuanian lady and her mother bought the main exhibition print of Garance & Lucie.
The mother said it's both of them, and the mother is hugging her daughter from behind and protecting her.
They both had tears in their eyes ...and then I did.

Sometimes when I doubt my work this happens and I get to think I might be doing something meaningful after all.

Garance Hubert-Samson and Lucie Roux for Transfiguration (2014)


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Museum quality C-type print on 231gsm Fuji Crystal semi-matt archive paper. Smooth texture, bright white paper tone with slight sheen / satin finish.
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